Happy Friday!

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Hey guys,

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend planned and hope you spend some time to give thanks for everything you are grateful for.  I know I sure will be.  For example, isn’t this weather AMAZING!  And the colours of the leaves are just so beautiful.  What a wonderful time of the year.

In other news, I know this theme comes up a lot, but I’ve been thinking this week about owning your life.  What do I mean?  I mean, saying these are the choices I’ve made, they reflect who I am, what is right for my family and I am proud of these choices.  I am happy this way and I don’t need to try and be someone else.  This seems simple but is hard.  It’s easy for me to compare myself to others.

So instead of all this self doubt I am just going to (try) to own it all.  Say, I’m doing a pretty good job, I’ve started a pretty amazing business, I’m learning tons, my children are happy and healthy and we have a wonderful family.

Easy said, right?


Here’s a few pictures from our week:


This weekend we have all sorts of stuff planned from swimming to apple picking and I can’t WAIT!

Enjoy the weekend everyone and thank-you for continuing to read this blog!

xx Michelle


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