And he’s two…

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Our darling little Alex is two.  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

That first year, when it snowed SO MUCH and was cold SO LONG seems like such a distant memory now.  I can’t believe it was only just over a year ago.  It’s funny how when you are living something it seems forever, and when you are out of it you always think it wasn’t so bad.  I remember days when I would just sit and breastfeed all day long and look outside at the cold and snow and feel just trapped.  This blog really was a lifeline for me.  I used to strap the baby in the carrier and do squats while I typed, or perch on the end of a chair.

I do miss the closeness of those days.  Just the baby and me and nothing planned.  But, personally I know that I really love it when their personalities come out and there is a bit more interaction.  The whole teething thing for me was very stressful and I didn’t do very well with having someone ‘on’ me all the time.  I have to admit I’m kind of liking having a kids this age.  It’s young enough that the magic is still there.  The crazy things they say (‘I like soup because it calms my tongue down’), the shrieks of joy when you make a silly face, they still want to cuddle, will still give each other kisses, still like to be read to.  It’s a bit of fleeting magic these years.  It’s tough at times though – I am not going to make it all rosy.  There are still mornings when I cry in the car, or have to just sit down and hold my head while my kid shrieks his heart out because he doesn’t want to wear pants even though there are snowflakes outside.

But there it is I guess.  You live with where you are in life and embrace it the best you can.  You try and remember the moments of joy, but it’s OK to remember the hard times too.  That’s life.  All of it.



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