Faberge Brunch Mile End | RoastedMontreal.comIt’s no secret that my favourite meal out with kids is brunch and after hearing rave reviews and reading on their website that they billed themselves as the Best Family Brunch Restaurant in Montreal, we headed to Fabergé in the Mile End.

Faberge Brunch Mile End | RoastedMontreal.com

We had my husband’s wonderful cousin who lives nearby meet us there and thank goodness she did.  I had checked before hand and they do not make reservations on the weekend.  The person I was in correspondence with said that generally the lineups started around 11:00 on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday.  I believe she arrived at 9:30 and she said the place was empty.  When we arrive 10 minutes later at 9:40 there was a big lineup.  When we left at 11:00 the lineup was out the door and down the block.  People, that day it was -25C out.

Faberge Brunch Mile End | RoastedMontreal.com

So, come early or be prepared to wait.  It looks like many people are prepared to wait but with two little crazy kids – no way.  The other option?  I don’t see it listed anywhere on their website but there was a bike courier who was clearly delivering brunch within a small radius.  Genius!

Faberge Brunch Mile End | RoastedMontreal.com

So first the positives, because there are a lot.  The service was wonderful and for the amount of people the wait wasn’t toooo long to get served and receive our food.  They have crayons for the kids, booster seats and high chairs.  There are a lot of other kids so you don’t feel like you are disturbing anyone and the food is kid friendly.  The food is great and I loved it all. We stuck to the sweet but next time I’d love to try the savoury.

Faberge Brunch Mile End | RoastedMontreal.com

But, the place is BUSY.  If we had to wait, there’s no way I would have stayed.  It feels quite cozy (read: cramped) and the servers are definitely busy running around everywhere.  They were friendly and helpful but definitely busy.

The place is great, and I’d love to go back, but if I did I definitely would go right when they opened when there was more room, more attention from the servers and quicker delivery of the food.

Have you been?  What is your favourite brunch place?

Fabergé, 25 Avenue Fairmount Ouest, Montreal


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    • neisha
    • March 3, 2016

    We took our kids 3 and 5 to gryphon d’or tea room NDG. It is the most amazing brunch I have ever had. We ordered the half and half ( half french toast with lemon curd and half eggs Benedict with the most delicious rare bit sauce.) It’s kid friendly, they have books crayons and games (candyland!!) there. They offer a kids portion plate you just have to ask. Go for 10am because it can get busy :). It’s not cheap $16.00 includes coffee $7 for kids, but you will leave stuffed with homemade deliciousness. Thanks for letting us know about kid friendly places in Montreal…it’s a big help 🙂

      • Michelle
      • March 4, 2016

      Thanks for the recommendation! I think I was always worried about space in there – and the benches – do they have high chairs for little ones? I seem to recall they have slide benches with big openings at the back that might not be ideal for a one year old? If not we’ll just wait until he’s a bit older.

      And thanks for the encouragement. It seems I had an off week because I was fighting a bug 🙁 So it goes…!

    • neisha
    • March 7, 2016

    Hope you are feeling better…feeling ill throws everything off. When I was there last there was a 1 year old on a booster seat they brought ( i don’t think they have a highchair??…
    but call and ask) …strapped on a chair. Another had a baby on a lap. Taking 2 kids out is quite a chore…we have just started to venture out with our 3 and 5 year old…so good for you for starting now!

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