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L'Gros Luxe Southwest | Roastedmontreal.co

I’m making it a personal goal to eat out a little more with the kids.  I have to admit though – I get a little bit of anxiety before we go out.  My kids are not sit quietly and colour type of kids and going to a new restaurant I am always a little bit unsure about logistics.  Are the tables going to be crammed together so that my child can grab food off a neighbour’s plate?  Will everyone stare at us?  Are we not going to find parking and have to walk two miles through snow and wind?  You get the idea.

That’s I suppose where the idea for this ongoing series of kid friendly restaurants came from.  I really wanted a source where I could find out all this information before hand.  I like to go out, but sometimes just finding somewhere appropriate for kids is half the difficulty.

L'Gros Luxe Southwest | Roastedmontreal.co

I was told about L’Gros Luxe’s new Griffintown location and when I found out they had brunch I was game.  They do not take reservations but we were there right at 11:00 when they opened and it was not an issue.  Other bonuses for showing up at 11:00?  There was on the street parking available right out front and if you go on a Sunday, the parking is free.

There was no awkwardness when they saw we had kids and there was both a high chair and booster seat available.

The menu is both inventive and friendly.  I went with the breakfast burrito, my husband had the breakfast Pogo (!) and the kids split the grilled cheese.  It was all good and the quality was great for the price which is on the very affordable side (all items are between $6 – $9).

L'Gros Luxe Southwest | Roastedmontreal.co

The location itself looks a lot like the other locations – a sort of 1920’s bar feel.

Our service was good and we were in and out in under an hour (our max is around that with the kids).  It started to fill up around 11:30 so I’d try to make it earlier.  There was one other child in a stroller but other than that we were the only family.

I’d definitely go back and was happy I finally got to try it out!

L’Gros Luxe Southwest, 2472 Notre-Dame West

Decor: There’s a heavy design element at work here – it feels a bit like a 1920’s lounge vibe.

Service: Good

Prices: Extremely fair

Food: It was good.  I am not going to say it blew me away, because it didn’t really, but it was very adequate for the price.  If you get the Pogo it’s pretty spicy (my son had a bite and sort of freaked out.)

Good For: Families, friends, a casual bite.

Child Friendly: Yes.  I mean, it’s not Cora but there was a high chair and booster seat available.  There were a few menu items that I thought were fine for kids (like the grilled cheese) and there was enough space between tables that I didn’t feel our active kids were ruining anyones brunch.  If you want to bring your Phil & Ted Lobster chair, the tables were quite thick (you can sort of see if the picture above) but I think it opens wide enough.  I’d say they were 3″ – 3.5″ thick.



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