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Emily's Tips & Tricks |

Emily’s Tips & Tricks

I found the travelling with toddlers series fascinating and I hope you did too.  It was completely inspirational and I loved connecting with all sorts of moms who were travelling the globe with their littles.

I spent a lot of time with each mom reading their submission and going back and forth.  Here are a few of the takeaways:

*Attitude is everything.  Thinking positively will get you through a lot.

Travelling with Toddlers - Johanne in Spain

*The destination *is* the activity.  Don’t feel like you have to schedule a million things to do.  Just being in a new place is enough.

Travelling with Toddlers: Jenny in San Francisco and Napa

At Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

*Have a serious obstacle?  Get creative and find a way to overcome it – don’t let it set you back.  Even if that means catering to a kid with severe allergies by cooking his meal in the hotel on a George Foreman grill every night.

Alysa in Bali |

Alysa in Bali

*Be open minded.  Often people are just curious and by letting them in you both gain a new understanding.

Gill in London |

Gill in London

*Sometimes you don’t even need to go anywhere.  How many of us have truly explored every corner of the city we live in?

Travelling with Toddlers: Harmony's Newborn Adventure

*It’s often when they are youngest and most portable that it’s easiest to travel.

Travel with Toddlers: Melissa in Brazi

*Be prepared – winging it no longer works. This means having accommodation plans down in advance, checking car seat availability, and vaccinating your kid if needed.

Travelling with Toddlers: Stephanie in NYC

watching the view on Ferry

*Personal advice is best!  I know that going to any of these destinations would have totally intimidated me but having these great stories gives me much more confidence to set out on my own.

A huge thanks to Emily, Johanne, Jenny, Gill, Alysa, Harmony, Melissa and Stephanie for all of your help!

And lastly, a friend of mine who recently flew from Sydney to Vancouver introduced me to the Fly Baybee:

Fly Babee

It can be used for the stroller or an airline bassinet to completely cover the bassinet to allow your baby to sleep.  Believe me, if you’re on a long flight this may just be the solution you need.  It packs up super small too!  Thanks Amber for the suggestion.

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    Hi Michelle – just came across this blog which features Fly Babee… thanks so much for the mention and tag, we truly appreciate it!
    Emma – Director, Fly Babee.

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