Simple Suppers: Crepes with Ham, Cheese & Asparagus

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Hey guys!  I actually had an ENTIRELY different post scheduled to go for this week, all shiny and done, but I was a little unsure about the recipe and didn’t want to lead you astray.  Too bad as the pictures were really lovely.

So instead, I made my husband make us crepes on father’s day.  Nice, huh.

Anyways, this is a super easy recipe.  I pre-steamed some asparagus so we could get some vegetables in and I admit, I did end up eating it with maple syrup.

Crepes with Ham, Cheese & Asparagus |

To make it even easier I bought pre-sliced swiss cheese.  My husband winged it with the recipe but I suggest you use this crepe recipe here.

Crepes with Ham, Cheese & Asparagus |

Crepes with Ham, Cheese & Asparagus | RoastedMontreal.comCrepes with Ham, Cheese & Asparagus |

Even Bastien seemed to enjoy it and I’m using the leftover asparagus for my son as he is really into finger foods these days.


Crepes with Asparagus, Ham and Cheese

1 crepe recipe (found here)

steamed asparagus

sliced ham (please use something nice)

pre-sliced swiss cheese

Maple Syrup (optional)

1. Make crepes according to recipe

2. When you flip them over to brown the other side add your cheese, ham and asparagus.

3. Fold and serve.

ps If you wanted to get fancy you could top it with a béchamel sauce!


What are your favourite simple suppers?  I’d love to hear!


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