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partydish-2My son is turning two next month (whaaaat!) and I have no clue as to what I’ll do for a birthday party.  We don’t have a massive house, but I’d like to have some people over. I don’t know…


What I do know is how cute these party supplies from The Tomkat Studio would be at our pah-tay!

IMG_2909I like the idea of a rainbow themed party but I know Bastien likes blue (well, I assume he does – it’s the only colour he says).





Style: "01"I’m not really someone who is super crazy about details at parties, so I know I would never put together a table like the one above, but those pom poms are cute aren’t they (question – how do you hang them inside from you ceiling without drilling holes?  Strong tape??)

Maybe a few elements?

What about you guys?  Do you go crazy at your kids birthday parties, or do you buy them a present and call it a day?  I have friends who do both!



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