Go Away! Kid & Coe’s Amazing Properties

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Copenhagen Iceland MexicoSo, we just came back from a night away in Vermont (which I will get around to blogging about later).  The place was great, we had fun, but the night…. was…. horrible….  Our little one was way too excited to fall asleep, and then again at about 2am.  Writing this I am still thinking about it in horror.  Normally, we’d just let him cry a little and he’d fall asleep but in a hotel?  People, I am kinder than that.

So, I nearly peed my pants when I saw all the gorgeous (and I mean I stunning) properties at Kid & Coe.  Just looking at them is almost enough.. almost…  I think the properties are fairly affordable, considering the quality and size of them.

Anyways, I don’t think we are going to be heading off any time soon but I can always plan and dream.  The photos shown: on top is Copenhagen, then Iceland and finally, Sayulitas, Mexico….

ps And just because it’s waaaaay to cute check out these Homemade Halloween Fashion Icon Costumes from Oh Happy Day..


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