Getting Fit: Yes, I started Running Again

September 4, 2013 , In: Figuring it Out , With: 2 Comments

I am a lazy runner.

yes, I know I am walking here!

yes, I know I am walking here!

What I mean is that I don’t like to push myself too hard, because if I do, I just won’t go running.  I used to be an avid runner when I lived in London running around 25km a week on the canals (a runner’s dream) but since I got pregnant I haven’t run at all.  I thought I’d start again when I was at the lake in August (see my running route above!), and now that Bastien is starting…. daycare….. I’ll have some time (more on that later).

I decided to download a Run 5k app on my iPhone which is a run/walk program.  It’s pretty cool, and pretty effective.  The beginning was a bit too easy for me, but now I’m running longer chunks and feeling good.  Plus, it’s not so hard that I have trouble getting out the door.  Perfect!!

Any runners out there?  Do you have any tips for running in Montreal?  I am sort of dreading the winter….

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    You can do it! Winter running can be really peaceful…
    I found that a pair of trail running shoes are good for the winter. They’re grippier – so that helps in the snow and ice, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a pair with Gore-Tex…which is really nice for the slush.

      • Michelle
      • September 4, 2013

      I hope I can keep it up! What is the brand/model of the shoes?

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