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November 18, 2016 , In: Weekend Links , With: 2 Comments

Every single morning to me feels like I’ve run a marathon.  It seems SO simple to get kids ready, but it just isn’t.  Breakfasts take forever to eat, kids start fighting over ear phones or a toilet paper tube, or you think you  have enough time to put on some eye liner and realize ‘speed eyeliner’ isn’t a good look.

Today, I thought we’d gotten through it all.  I walked outside to see they started construction and blocked off half my street and burst in tears.  (WHY IS THERE SO MUCH RIPPING UP OF OUR STREETS MONTREAL)

And then traffic.  Why can’t people be more considerate.  People who know better walk on no walk signs.  Drivers turn left on reds or pull crazy stunts like driving in the bike lane to bypass what they deem to be slower drivers, only to be caught up to at the next light.

It honestly makes me want to collapse in a puddle of tears some day, and I do.  And I know I’m not the only one.  I’ve seen more than one mom show up at drop off time in tears or with red eyes.

To make myself feel better, after playing the compulsory Crazy Frog songs when my children are in the car, when I’m alone I’ll play Radiohead’s Let Down, Lucky or No Surprises (can you tell how old I am?)  I guess it’s sort of like a hug.

I don’t think there’s a solution.  I know when I don’t have to drive I am a better person, so we make daycare and school choices based on that.  I try to make sure we are organized when getting out the door.  I try to keep things simple.  My beauty routine is basically non-existent.

But I sort of think it’s just how it is.  Maybe I’m just in a bad mood but I don’t think any amount of planning or routine can make every morning an easy ride.  But I think that knowing that it’s just as tough (or let’s face it – tougher) for other parents makes me feel a little less of a mess.

And with that, happy Friday.

xx Michelle



    • Susan
    • November 19, 2016

    Sigh. You are not alone. I currently struggle to get the 2 year old and 4 year old out the door by 9. Next week i start back to work, and will have to be out by 7:15! No idea how that will ever happen. I seriously am considering homeschooling just to avoid having to get somewhere on time every day. I found this quite funny (and relatable). Courage! https://youtu.be/JeTyqCVC3UU

      • Michelle
      • November 19, 2016

      Hi Susan,

      I know. There’s no easy solution is there. I’m lucky that I have some flexibility with my schedule but certainly there are days when I have photo shoots that start early and I always dread those. I think it’s just getting used to. I don’t know.

      Good luck for your return to work and if you discover any tips – do share!

      xx Michelle

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