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Hey guys,

How’s it going?!!?!?!?!

This week has been a bit of a blur and I’ve been working hard and haven’t been able to take as many personal pictures as I’d like. I’m trying to take a personal photo a day, but I figure when I do client shoots and take 1000 photos, I can give myself a break that day!

Do you guys ever do personal projects?  I was at a dinner the other night where a friend told us all about these modern quilts she was making.  She said she found it therapeutic, even if she never managed to finish any of them.  My photo-a-day project is definitely a personal project, but in some ways it’s more of the same.  I feel like so much of my time is devoted to photography (it’s kind of crazy) that I need to diverse and take up…. astronomy or something.

I have no idea what we are doing this weekend but last (long) weekend was fun.  We headed to Arthur’s Nosh Bar which I should really do a post on because it was SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD.  We split the kids Challah French Toast, I had the Moroccan Challah Eggs (sorry – I’m tired and forget the name) and my husband had the breakfast sandwich.  Two things if you’re going with kids.  It’s small.  There aren’t a lot of tables so to maximize your chance of getting a spot I’d go early (yes, they have high chairs).  It’s a tad loud, which I’d also read about before.  My husband kept saying to me that he didn’t think it was child friendly, but I mean they had high chairs and another toddler showed up before we left.


I can’t wait to go back.  It was thaaaat good.

We also went apple picking!  I feel like I’ve done a million apple picking posts already and we always head to the same spot but here are a few pictures.

2016-10-13_0004 2016-10-13_0005

Sorry, I don’t know why some pictures are repeated (is this blog going to crap?)

And lastly, for some strange reason my son insisted we do a gingerbread house.  Have you ever made a gingerbread house from scratch?  It’s not exactly brownies.  So we followed Simple Bites Gingerbread House in 5 steps (google it) and we decorated it with random sweets we already had.  Of course, my youngest son did not understand why he couldn’t eat all those candies he could see just sitting there on the counter.


So in the end, we had to send it off to a better place to keep our sanity.


Ok, signing off and heading to bed.

xx Michelle


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