Happy Friday!

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Hey guys!

What are you up to this weekend!  I haven’t really thought about it too much, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be outside.  I’m not hating this cooler weather.  I feel like I’m still cooling off from this hot hot summer!

Alex has started daycare and argh it’s been tough.  I know so many of you have gone through the same thing, so I won’t spell the heart-ripping mornings out in detail.  I love it when they are small but there are definitely a few things I’m glad I’ll never have to go through again.  Teeth, first days at daycare and screaming screaming screaming in a car seat are definitely on that list.

I recently attending a little get together at a friends house for a cookbook swap (thanks Elissa and Sylvie!) and it reminded me how little things like that help to build community.  Folks, I’m all about community.  What else builds a community?  I think anything public – pools and parks are definitely up there.  Today a little girl at the park asked me if I lived close by because I was always at the park.  LOL.  So are joining in activities even if it’s just a family fun day or street fair or whatever.  Soon, you’ll start to see the same people over and over and you’ll see them so many times you’ll just start talking to them.  I’m not from Westmount.  I’m not even from Montreal.  But I can tell you that I feel like every time I head out I see someone I know.  That’s a good feeling.  A wave, a smile, someone to talk to at the pool or just a friendly familiar face goes a long way.

Want to build your feeling of community?  Do something.  Start something.  Start small.  Invite a few people and ask those people to invite a few people.  You might be amazed at what you start.

xx Michelle

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