What If?

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Recently, an old colleague wrote a post on Facebook.  Twelve hours earlier she had decided to fuck it (her words) and book a one week solo trip to Tenerife.  She was writing from the airport that evening, crapping her pants, wondering what she had done.

I thought about her a lot and how gutsy that was.

A little later she posted that it was one of the best decision she had ever made, she was happier than she had been in years and she couldn’t believe how great it was.

It made me realize the power of ‘What If?’ and trying something new.

This was further compounded when one of my very first photography inspirations spoke in an interview about how she often asks herself ‘What If’ to push herself and her creativity.  Without asking this, she felt her creativity staled.

I ask myself ‘What If’ often, but I need to do it more.  A recent ‘What If’ resulted in the photo above.  I said to my Dad, what if we took your plane, opened up the window, and I stuck my camera outside.  A couple days later we found out (you can see more images here).  It was a definite learning experience and pushed me out of my comfort zone both physically (I was holding on to that camera for dear life!) and mentally (landscape photography is a whole new ball game).  But I loved it.

Another what if I’m asking myself is what if I took out my camera every day for 365 days.  I’m already dreading the dark dreary winter months but am going to push on with it.  Already I’m discovering that ‘what if’ can lead to all sorts of creativity.  (You can follow along on my Instagram here).

Do you have any ‘what ifs’ you are working on?  And if not, why not?

And with that, have a wonderful weekend.

xx Michelle



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