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Hey there,

So, I’m not much of a joiner.  In university, I didn’t join any sort of club or anything besides perhaps the Danish speakers meet up which was just a meet up in the university pub to practice Danish.  I knew joining stuff would look good on a resumé blah blah but just didn’t.

And I wasn’t a member of anything while I held my corporate job.  It just gave me shivers.

But then I became a mom and started my own business and all of a sudden I had a million questions and things some times sucked and I wanted people who understood or I had little victories and I wanted to share those wins with people who would care and support me in my journey.

All of a sudden joining made sense.  Networking (puke – I hate that word – it sounds so fake and reminds me of awkward cocktail parties) makes sense.  But it has to be done with the right people and in the right way.

I am a member of so many clubs now (OK – Facebook groups) that it boggles my mind.  But each one is so beneficial for so many reasons.  I’m a member of TWO groups for mothers who are also entrepreneurs and based out of Montreal.  High five to ALL these women.  I am on countless photography groups with women (mostly) who share my same style of photography.

These are the places I can ask questions and not be judged, look for support, find resources and spread the word about my business.  They are one of the most essential parts of making my business successful.

This morning I was just asked to be part of a collective of Montreal boss moms, IG moms and blogging moms on Instagram.  Hell ya.  I don’t know these moms but I bet they would be a fantastic resource and pretty cool to meet in person.

And just reaching out to people to collaborate on my blog has been countlessly beneficial and I learn something EVERY SINGLE TIME.  There is no way I’d be where I was without it.

But guess what, I made a lot of those opportunities.  I created one of those Montreal mom entrepreneur groups, I reach out to those people to collaborate on my blog, I choose to participate online and ask questions.

So, if you are feeling lonely or stuck or whatever reach OUT.  Start a Facebook group, reach out to people for advice (but please be mindful when doing so), join a club.

AND it works both ways.  Offer your advice, support your fellow women and small business owners.  I’m always looking for ways to support others and plug them on my blog.  I buy from the people I talk about and I recommend them to others.

So in short, if you’ve made it this far in this slightly ranty post – create your own opportunities, find your tribe and support one another.

And yes, I use these weekend links as plugs for so many of the businesses I want to support.  So click on them and support them too!

xx Michelle


ps I’ll be at the Chickadee Music demo class this Monday, April 4th 10:30 at the Unitarian Church in Westmount.  Amanda, who teaches the class, is awesome and I’m so excited there’s a class nearby. I hope you’ll join me!  Interested?  Please RSVP to Amanda (you can also show up).


-I’m obsessed with the photography on this blog and this is just one more reason why.

-I LOVE this bird house (and it’s made in Quebec)

-And this concrete planter 🙂



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    You have a great blog! Hello from Montreal. 🙂

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