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It’s been a bit of a weird week.

I feel like every week I write that so maybe when all is said and done it’s been a normal week.  I think it’s the fact that my youngest is back to 5:20am wake ups and I just feel so blah all day after that.  Even if my wonderful husband get’s up with him and let’s me sleep a bit more, I still had my sleep interrupted.  Anyone else going through that?

I’ve been working on my website and it’s been fun.  If you want to be one of the first to know when it’s up subscribe to my newsletter.  Emailings will be infrequent but fun.  I’m sort of debating whether to just do a Roasted/ML Photography combined emailing.  If anyone has anything to say about that let me know.

It looks like it will be live by the end of the month so NOW is the time to book your photo shoot.  NOW people.

And, I’m kind of feeling weird about the blog lately.  Part of my blahs.  If you guys feel like letting me know what you want to see more of or what you love to see I think it would help with the motivation.

OK done whining/asking for help…

Enjoy the weekend!  We’re visiting friends at their chalet and I have a photoshoot!

xx Michelle

-A bit sad that the British police had to do this, but also a bit hilarious.

-For my future chalet.

-Not totally sure this is my style, but man is this Parisian apartment pretty.

-True fact: I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little and LOVE ruins.

-Most duvet covers are boring.  These are not.

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