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Hey guys,

I know I’ve said it in the past but the time has come where I just won’t be blogging daily.  I looked at my calendar where I write down all my posts and there are big gaping holes.  I just can’t do it and don’t want to be stressed out by trying to get half-done blog posts out the door.

Having said that, I do still have a ton of exciting posts coming up so stay tuned.

I’m taking and editing photos like crazy trying to get a suitable portfolio for the spring and it’s been fun.  I’m also picking out fonts for my company name which is pretty hard.  Guys, there are SO many beautiful fonts out there!  I listened to a group of great business women for advice and will be keeping some elements from Roasted and adding a little bit new too.

As I’m always saying, I really want to have a great portfolio for launch and am looking for families interested in hiring me.  I think if it’s nice a sort of half in the house half outside the house idea would be great.  These are joyful, honest family portraits and I’m offering them for a very low price right now.

Capture the beauty of everyday.  Because it’s the little things that count isn’t it.

Like, how my son lines up and knocks over his bath toys.  It’s not going to be like that forever, is it.

It’s tough, but amazing at the same time.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

xx Michelle




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