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Hi everyone,

Last week was pure crap for so many reasons and this week with a fresh start and fresh snow I started to feel better.  Alex got over his cold, we made some changes to playtime and I’ve been able to set aside some time to work on this blog with the aid of a babysitter to watch Alex once a week.  This means it isn’t always on my mind and I’m not stealing minutes here and there to work on it.  It’s been a game changer.

We got snow this week and I’m enjoying the brisk air and change of seasons.  It’s like the crisp weather has cleared my head. Or maybe the snow has just signaled a new start.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I went crazy at the Hatley warehouse sale a while back so managed to cross off quite a few items (sign up for their newsletter to get details on their next warehouse sale – it’s pretty good).  But there is still a huge list to go.  I did finish off my Christmas cards (and went a bit Pinterest mad on the envelopes) so at least that’s done.  Now that it’s darker at night, it’s (ahem) so much easier to peek into other people’s houses and I noticed a few people already had their TREE up.  TREE!  I admire their dedication to the holiday season.

Having said that, we are going to see Santa this weekend at Complexe Desjardins.  Bastien’s going to lose his mind – I don’t even know how it’s going to go down.  We talk about Santa A LOT – calls to Santa when he does caca on the toilet (at what point can we stop doing that!?) or threats to tell Santa when he exhibits bad behaviour.  Would the textbooks say that’s terrible parenting?  Probably, I don’t know.

I also took a walk around Westmount and took in all the stunning houses.  Wow are some of them amazing!

Enjoy the weekend

xx Michelle


This is THE BEST

10 Unconventional Alternatives to the Sexiest Man Alive – was a bit surprised to see our Canadian in there

My friend said this was the best cake she had for a while

I love these clothes but those braids and tied back hairdos – wow!  Anyone want to show a ponytail wearing gal how to pull that off?

This modern take on the initial necklace is definitely on my wish list

The struggle has begun…

Did you know the Olympic Park has a Winter Village?

This top (and wow – no photoshopping those legs!)

LOVE these wall decos (not cheesy at all!)

Keep exploring the world with your children – here are some tips.  Some of these things are good advice at home too (specifically – metro stops, looking for a mom with a baby and taking current pictures)

Would you buy your veggies like this?

Words to live by 😉




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