Nini Meatball House

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Nini Meatball House | I’ve been toting along my little Alex everywhere and he’s been an absolute star.  His latest appearance was at Nini Meatball House in Griffintown for lunch.
Nini Meatball House |

We went with new friend Stephanie who just moved from New York to see how she was adjusting to life in Montreal.  A friend suggested Nini Meatball House and I can see why.  Beautifully designed (those Lambert et Fils lamps!), great friendly service and excellent, fun food.

Nini Meatball House | Nini Meatball House |

They didn’t have high chairs available (is that sign that restaurants don’t want kids?) but we brought our own and the waiters didn’t seem to mind.  We did go at off time (right at 11:00 when they opened) but I always feel more comfortable with kids going at off times.  Less busy, quicker service and more room.

Nini Meatball House | Nini Meatball House |

We both loved our food.  My friend took the falafel and green salad (she loved the yoghurt sauce) and I took the classic meatballs and asian salad.  The meatballs were so light and fluffy and the sauce was so good.  Alex loved little bits of it as well.  The asian salad was also great.  I thought it might be a bit of a weird combo but it was fine.

Nini Meatball House |

And of course I had to go for a make your own ice cream sandwich was was so yummy.  I went for chocolate chip cookie and caramel ice cream but I’ve heard peanut butter cookie and espresso ice cream is also amazing.

I really had a great time and I’m definitely going to be going there for take out too (although I’ll miss gazing at the beautiful decor if I do that).

What a great find!  I can’t wait to try more meatballs (and ice cream sandwiches).

Nini Meatball House, 1752 Notre-Dame Ouest

Decor – Beautiful, bright and airy.  Gorgeous lighting, big mirrors and huge windows when the weather is right.

Service – I was there at an off-time (I think there was one other table) so it was great.  I don’t know what peak time would be like.

Prices – Lunch prices were vary fair and everything was $5.  So my friend’s lunch was $10 and mine was $15 (balls, salad + ice cream sandwich).  I remember the food court at work being more than that.

Food – We both loved it and it was nicely different.  I really loved those balls… mine never turn out like that!

Good For – Lunch with friends, or a casual dinner out.  They also seemed to have quite the bar going on so it would probably be a nice place for drinks.  Almost all the tables but two were for two people only – but they could be pushed together.

Baby Friendly – I hesitate to really recommend this for families.  I felt that there was a sort of second glance when we walked in with the baby.  They were never rude and they were very accommodating but I get the feeling that if it were peak lunch hour it might not be the best bet to bring the kid.  Also – there were no high chairs.  That is sort of a sign.  That being said – it’s meatballs and casual food.  Cutlery is stacked in mason jars. I feel like if you were organized (food & toys to keep the kid distracted, wipes on hand) and discreet (we came early and left before 12:00) it is fine.  Or if you went very early for dinner.  It is also not exactly in a super family area as it’s almost downtown so I don’t imagine kids are the norm.  Bring your own high chair (we brought our Fisher-Price portable booster seat which we love) or even the clip on chair would work at two of the tables (but only two – the rest are round and it wouldn’t work).


ps Looking for kid-friendly restaurants?  Check out my picks here.

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