Summer Holidays

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Lake Holiday |

Sand and sun, swimming and exploring, eating and drinking…  We had so much fun again this year at our parent’s cabin in Northern Saskatchewan.

Lake Holiday | RoastedMontreal.comWe got to see our little nephew Charlie who flew all the way over from England (and kudos to his parents for moving the day AFTER they moved house all the while my sister is SEVEN months pregnant!)
Lake Holiday | RoastedMontreal.comMelissa showed us how weiner’s are roasted – apparently heavily charred is how it’s supposed to be done.

Lake Holiday |

Lake Holiday |

Lake Holiday |

Lake Holiday |

Now that Bastien is a little bit older it’s so much fun to see him take in his new surroundings.  The lake is such a contrast from where we live (a very urban setting) and I think it’s great to expose him to a completely new environment.  Riding in boats, walking on lake bottoms and exposure to rural life are all little experiences that will open his eyes and challenge them in different ways.  The quality one on one time with family is also pretty darn fabulous.  Bastien told me his favourite thing at the lake was finding hidden golf balls while riding around the local golf course with his grandpa.  How cute is that!

How were your holidays?

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    Cute photos 🙂
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