St-Henri: Tejano BBQ Burrito

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There’s a bit of a mix-up so for today’s Family Meal – eat out!

Tejano BBQ Burrito is a new-ish joint from the team behind Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun.  They serve up… you guessed it!  Burritos with all the fixings.

I know, I know – everyone and their dog has written about Tejano already so I’ll only focus on two things.  If you should go there – YES YOU SHOULD – (and frankly I don’t talk about places I wouldn’t recommend) and the family-logistics of it.

St-Henri: Tejano

First off the menu is pretty basic.  I think if I was ordering for my kid (3 years old), I’d ask for something like the pulled pork in a bowl with a tortilla on the side.  For myself, size wise, I ordered the XL.  When the young gentleman serving me said he thought a regular would be enough, I told him that I was feeding two and pointed to my 6 month old.  Then I winced, realizing there was NO WAY he’d get the breastfeeding reference and probably thought I was just blaming my appetite on the poor baby.

St-Henri: Tejano

Secondly, this is not a place to bring the family for a sit down meal.  It’s small and there’s only a very small area to eat with stools.

St-Henri: Tejano

This is it.  Got it?

St-Henri: Tejano

Having said that, this place is amazing so definitely make it a family meal  – just bring it back home to eat.  Besides, no one wants to see half a burrito rolling down your face in public.

If you want to walk from Westmount or St-Henri (doable!) access into the restaurant is just a tiny tiny ledge.  There’s a parking lot next door (although I didn’t check if it was really truly for patrons of Tejano).  I parked on Notre-Dame at the corner of Courcelle (the street they are located on) and it DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A METER.  I nearly pooped my pants I couldn’t believe it.

ps If you’re sending your husband to pick up the order, use this order sheet so he knows EXACTLY what you want.

Tejano BBQ Burrito

511 Rue De Courcelle


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    Its so close to our studio that we often get lunch from there…the salads are delish!

      • Michelle
      • May 22, 2015

      Salads! I didn’t even realize. I’ll def try them next! Thanks!

  2. Reply

    And get him to stop at Leche for dessert! (I sadly didn’t make it to Tejano though it’s on the list.)

      • Michelle
      • May 22, 2015

      Good Call!

      You’ll have to visit Tejano on the next visit!

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