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Maxine Grossman PT | www.roastedmontreal.comAhh… New Years…

New Years, New You?

Well, that’s the goal for many of us isn’t it.  I think it’s fair for me to say that I do want a new-ish me.  Not a totally new me.. just a new-ish me. I mostly just want to get more energy and lose some of the baby weight that sags in areas I don’t want it to.

Maxine Grossman PT | www.roastedmontreal.comI think sometimes it’s a bit intimidating to head back to the gym when you aren’t quite up to it. Twenty year olds effortlessly running in crop tops while you’re huffing away doing your run/walk routine can kinda suck.

That’s why I like the idea that Maxine Grossman (disclosure: a friend) came up with.  She has two kids – so she gets ‘life as a mom’ – and she’s also super fit.  She also has a personal training outfit in the basement of her house.  (See photo above: It does not look like your Grandma’s basement – it’s a real workout area)

Maxine Grossman PT |

Located in NDG (Montreal), Maxine offers super-effective one hour workouts for those who are struggling to fit it all in.  Training sessions are hard but fun and designed so that you can progress at your own pace.  You’ll gain good technique, build confidence and get a tight bum and strong core.  Every session is different to keep you motivated and they are in the bootcamp/circuit training style.

Maxine has private training sessions or classes.  If you want to create your own little group (3-5 people) she’ll work with you to create a new small-group class.  She also specializes in pre and post-natal training.

For more info call her at 514-781-7899 or visit her Facebook Page

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