Motherhood – Round 2

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Wow – I’m a mom of two!


This time around has been much much easier (thank goodness).  Our son, Alex, has a much softer temperament than his big brother and is so far (knock very hard on wood) a breeze.  I feel so grateful and it has made the transition so much easier.

There are however, a few things I forgot about and remembered over these past days…

1. Newborns are a delight.  I seem to have only memories of crying, chaos and tears with my first son.  Granted we couldn’t put Bastien down for SIX WEEKS after he was born without him crying, so this definitely added strain but I feel like I was preparing myself for the worst and forgot all about the snuggles, funny faces, fuzzy head and sheer delight in having a little baby around.

2. Babies poop LOUDLY.  I totally forgot how loud it was when they pooped.  Oh, and if the diaper is off they can projectile poop pretty… darn… far… I learned that this morning.

3. All babies are different.  Our son has so far utterly shocked me with how easy he is. There are two take aways from this… not to expect the same experience the second, or third or fourth or whatever time around.  But the other big thing I was thinking about was how it is so difficult sometimes to relate with other parents when sharing war stories.  Honestly, I have never had breastfeeding issues and if I think of some of my friends and their trials and tribulations I really would have a hard time to really, truly understand what they went through.  And vice versa for say a kid who doesn’t sleep.  It’s easy to tell someone to just set your kid down and eventually they will fall asleep on their own.  I see that now that some kids in fact can fall asleep from a young age on their own and it would be difficult to understand the frustration and sense of desperation from parents whose child doesn’t sleep, for example.  It’s easy to say ‘oh they should have done this or that.’

4. Laundry.  So much laundry.

5. Diapers.  So many diapers and so difficult to put on!  Those tiny little legs are always in motion!

6. Toes!  I swear his toes make up 1/3 of his foot.

What about you guys? What surprised you or what had you forgotten about second time around?


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  1. Congratulations! You must be so proud. He looks lovely.

      • Michelle
      • December 3, 2014


    • Cristina
    • December 2, 2014

    I also just recently gave birth to my second child this weekend. My eldest is two. The first thing I would have to say that I completely forgot about is Te recovery after giving birth. I feel like a train ran over my mid section. As for the newborn baby, you completely forget how tiny they are, how amazing they feel and smell so good.

      • Michelle
      • December 3, 2014

      Congratulations Cristina! Yes – it’s all full of ups and downs isn’t it.

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