Preggo Update – 34 Weeks

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34 weeks pregnant

The bump and I after getting dressed up for JoshuaDavid‘s 5th anniversary event

(dress from Boutique Unicorn, Bag from Karen Millen, Shoes vintage from Kurt Geiger… OK they aren’t vintage they are just super old)

(The Good Wife in the background… our current Netflix obsession)

34 weeks….

The countdown is on but now I think that the panic has somewhat subsided and we just want to get on with it.  We’ve chosen a name (unless there’s some last minute brilliant idea) and the car seat has been cleaned.  Just a matter of getting over the last month.

Ups and downs of the third trimester:


The baby is coming soon!

More sympathy from people… is that bad to say?  But I think you can get away with more stuff… like complaints…

The baby is coming soon!


The baby is so much stronger which means serious jabs and pokes everywhere…  I don’t think I can go 5 minutes without movement… which does kind of freak me out for what’s to come.

Trouble getting on shoes/pants/clothing/underwear…  it’s ridiculous.  There’s no way I could try on a bunch of shoes or clothes.  I am wearing my rain boots everyday whether it rains or not.

Simultaneously having to drink and pee… a very interesting conundrum.

Acid reflux… man I never had this with baby #1 and it’s terrible.  Probably the worst part of the third trimester.

Staring at my winter wardrobe wondering what the hell I’m going to wear for the next month.


On an aside, I haven’t gained nearly as much weight the first time around which is definitely not down to me being food conscious or anything.  Most people think I’m only 6 months pregnant.  I may  not be big but the kid is still coming in at 4 1/2 pounds which is a pretty average size (actually it’s 45th percentile – same as Bastien).  I think this is 100% down to me not working in a job where I’m tired and eating food to stay awake/eating at the food court every day.


I can’t wait to meet the little peanut!

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