RIP Robin Williams

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robin williams

I am sure like so many of you I was completely shocked and stunned at the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  I loved Robin Williams – he was smart, funny and made me laugh.

I think what surprised me most was that he seemed so happy.  He seemed to have it all.  I mean, I don’t know the details of his life (clearly) but from a distant onlooker’s prospective it seemed like such a charmed existance.

But it clearly wasn’t.

Many days I think to myself I would only be happier if… I had a more successful blog, I had more time, I had better clothes, I had I had I had.  I am overall I would say pretty happy but in the continuous quest for self improvement I always think things could be better… I suppose this is good and bad.  But sometimes I need to realize that more isn’t necessarily better and doesn’t necessarily equate to a happier life.  I am grateful for what I have, and am happy to be surrounded by my little (and growing) family every day.

I’ll miss you Robin Williams.


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