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Yesterday, I shared a few of the tips that Lucy Baum of Lucy Baum Photography taught me about taking photos of kids.  In addition to family and wedding photography, she runs home workshops and community workshops on all sorts of topics from camera basics to business photography.  She agreed to give me a mini-version of her kids photography workshop, and I was impressed by how much I learned in such a short time.



This was the last point that she really stressed with me.  Too often we include photos of the entire person but this often doesn’t tell the story we want to tell.  You want personality and emotion.  I’ve included the above photo again to show how getting up close and personal with the subject really gets the feeling of joy across.  I bet you didn’t even notice half his head was cropped off.  Do this by moving your body, not your zoom, for the best results.

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While going through these main four tips Lucy showed me so many other things.  One of the most insightful moments was when she took a look at a photo album I had created.  I loved the photos but it was clear that there were a lot of head on photos.  They were cute – but also a bit repetitive.  Different perspectives tell a story and adds a new dimension to photos.  I also had a lot of junk in the background of many of my photos which I never even noticed.  Just moving around would have made a clean background in so many of the pictures – instead of someone sunbathing, or a messy living room.

I was really impressed and she did have so many other ideas that I am ready to use for my pictures.  When my little one comes along I am hoping to gather all my friends on maternity leave for a home-hosted party on how to photograph newborns.  I find the youngest babies particularly hard to photograph and I’m looking forward to what she has to say.

I really recommend Lucy if you want to improve your photography in general, or pictures of your kids.  She was also a fantastic photographer, and all the photos with her watermark on it were taken in a period of about 15 minutes – and for about 7 of those Bastien was having a tantrum.  I was shocked when she sent through such beautiful photos from such a short session.

Lucy has an extensive education in photography and is available throughout Greater Montreal – both on and off island.

If you’d like to contact her, please find her details below:

Lucy Baum offered me this mini-workshop for free but all opinions are my own.  


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