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February 5, 2014 , In: Design, Living , With: One Comment

SONY DSCThe world of media and PR is one where every word is scrutinized, glossed over, and made squeaky clean.  Somedays I feel that it’s so hard to get through to actually hear the voice and uniqueness of the person behind the product.  It can all feel a bit.. uninspiring.

SONY DSCWhich is why I found Calligraphuck, a company who creates gorgeous letterpress cards around profanity so refreshing.

salutationsPretty much the opposite of Hallmark’s clean and fun cards, this company tells it like it is.  You know, I think a year ago I would have found this concept a bit profane perhaps (well it is, but y’know) but now I’m just like – hell ya!  Too many glossy articles have lead me to want something a bit more… real.  People swear in real life.  Sometimes it can be funny.

awesomePersonally, I’d love it if someone sent me any of these cards.  I’m fucking awesome?  Hell ya!  Thank-you!

Check out Calligraphuck for more positive profanity.

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