What. a. week.

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My poor baby has been ill this week with crazy temperatures that had my husband and I both nervous and calling 811 at 3am.   He was home with me most of the week, and I relied on my husband’s family to cover for me when I had interviews to do and articles to write.  To them – un gros merci!

Not to be a total downer (my nickname can be Debbie Downer..) but the whole week I was thinking about those less fortunate who don’t have medicine and doctors and warm houses to comfort their children.  My goodness is my family fortunate.

While I was spending hours stroking my child’s head I was also thinking about many many many other things.  One of them was what makes me happiest throughout my day.

1. First sip of coffee

2. Picking up my child from daycare and have him run to me with arms out

3. The moment my husband arrives home from work.

4. Crawling into bed at night and reading a book

What about you guys?

And yes, this post is being written at the end of a long day.  And it was supposed to be about something else completely!

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    Boo to a rough week. Yay for things to celebrate! And those are some pretty good ones. Though I’m more in to tea these days, and would add a warm coconut oil bath to the list. Here’s to a new and hopefully healthier week.

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