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not my backyard – Grace Santorini Hotel


This week whenever my husband asked what I felt like doing I’d respond, “going outside and floating in the sunshine in my backyard outdoor pool.”

Of course my backyard looks more like this:





OK again – not really my backyard (and actually much more beautiful!) but doesn’t it feel like this winter is lasting for-ev-er!??

I feel a bit sad for my son.  We went sledding last weekend when it was a bit warmer out (-9C) and he immediately started going ‘cold cold cold’.  Other than that we haven’t been outside much at all.  But this is where we live.  We are Canadian.  We will suck it up.  We might as well embrace it.

Snow Babe Sweat_web


Snow Babe Sweatshirt from Lilly Lab

I’m kind of loving the above sweatshirt from Lilly Lab  which says to me ’embrace the cold!’

I don’t know – am I just being a suck or is anyone else thinking this winter is particularly brutal?

And just because this post feels a bit empty here are a few of my fave links from this week:

2014 Winter Athletics Rainbow Leaf Sweatshirt from Drake General Store

North Korea Opens a New Luxury Ski Resort

I’ve been downing these caffeine filled chocolates.

I cried when I watched this film about the life of a stay at home mom.  My eyes are welling again just thinking about it.

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