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R TouilleursWhat do you think of when someone mentions Laurier Avenue?  I think of the posh area west of Park Avenue.  However, even for a relative newcomer to Montreal this idea is outdated.  With the rise in popularity of the area east of Park Avenue (Mile End anyone?) it makes sense to start thinking of the entire avenue as one shopping area as there really are so many great stores east of Park.  One example?  The amazing kitchen store Les Touilleurs (pictured above) where the gorgeous displays and knowledgeable staff make you want to fill you shopping basket with every type of kitchen implement.

R La ChroniqueI was invited by the Laurier West Merchant Association to discover (or re-discover) some of the great shops along Laurier.  Their goal is to start thinking of Laurier as a shopping destination and include the entire street from St-Laurent to Côte Sainte-Catherine.  We started off with a bang at La Chronique where we had some amazing little nibbles (see my Instagram for a pic).  La Chronique is near the top of my must-eat list and has been for a while…

R FracasOther stops were Fracas!  La Table which sells pretty and function Perceval knives and other items to dress up your dining table .

R Galerie 1 R Galerie 2Galerie d’Avignon was a pleasant surprise.  Through the door and up some stairs to the second level is a gorgeous little art gallery showing contemporary pieces.  I was really blown away by the current artist on display Dale Dunning whose masks, and photos of birds really made me step back and think.

R Jet SetterJet Setter has always been a favourite of mine to explore selling all sorts of items for the traveller.  Filled with high quality suitcases, and other travel items such as packable towels, travel wallets, and a million other things to make your travels go smoother.  This is the shop to head to before heading off.

R GascognePatisserie de Gascogne is full of yummy treats and we’ve been regular customers in the past.

R Toi MoiToi, Moi et Café is a cute little café with a stellar terrace in the warmer days.

R Tonique 1 R Tonique 2

I’d never been into Argent Tonic before but was surprised to discover that it was jewelry almost all designed by Aaron Maya.  There are also a few other designers.  It was very unique with a rustic feel.

R Un IleUne Île en Amérique is a showcase for Quebec  designers and is full of gorgeous creations.  Upstairs the area is full of cocktail dresses if you are looking for something special, and local.

Thanks to the Laurier West Merchants Association for inviting me along.  I’ve only touched at the offerings on Laurier as there are, ahem, 59 merchants in the association but that just means there’s more to explore!  They offer a printable map here so you can plot your route.

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