My hometown of Lloydminster on CBC’s This is That – Amazing!

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By far one of my favourite listens on CBC radio is the show This is That.  It’s a satirical show, but there’s no mention of it anywhere on the show and they do it in a very real way, which means a lot of call ins by angry/confused listeners.  My friend Jenny sent me a link to a show which has a feature length documentary on my hometown of Lloydminster. It talks of the tension between Lloydminster, SK residents and Lloydminster, AB residents which of course is non-existant.   It’s very funny (especially if you are from Lloyd) and even the accents of the local guys talking are pretty good (a wee bit exaggerated, but… just a little…)  The dramatic music and topics are just perfect.  Have a listen and let me know what you think!  The link to the show is here and the Lloydminster documentary starts at 17:57.

PS In line with my remarks about confused listeners, check out the comment on the This is That webpage for the Lloydminster episode…

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