Tourtière Australienne lands on Monkland Avenue

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This location has since closed but their original in the Plateau is still open.


Is this Monkland week?  No, but it seems like it.  I love my little street, and although there are definitely a few things I’d change about it (lower the rents to encourage more independent businesses!!), I’m happy to have it around the corner.

TA - Head Pies Close Up

I wrote about Tourtière Australienne ages ago in Urban Expressions but never managed to put it up on the blog.  It’s an Australian pie shop run by a Quebecois woman and her New Zealand husband.  What’s the Australian connection?  They both lived there for a very long time.  It’s offers a selection of Australian Pies (including vegetarian options), desserts (Lamington’s – which are apparently having a moment, Tim Tam Tiramisu, Pavlovas) and Australian (& South African & English) food products like licorice, Tim Tams, and Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

3 - Dry Goods

6 - Frozen Pies

The mini frozen pies I find perfect to have on hand for when the fridge is empty.  I’m partial to the Rogan Josh, Chicken & Mushroom and the Ned Kelly (which I’m not sure if it’s available frozen because there is a whole egg in the middle).

1 -BiscuitsCheck them out, stock up on pies and try something new!

Tourtière Australienne – 5525 Monkland

ps They are also on Parc Avenue! at 4520, Parc

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