Baby – You’re One!

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Baby Boy 1


Oh my, I have a one year old.

How did that happen?

It’s funny, because when baby was young people always said to me – oh, they grow up so fast.  And I thought – are you kidding me?  My days seem like weeks, my weeks like months, and my months like… decades.  And when I think back to when I was pregnant it does seem like another lifetime ago.  But, he turned one and I thought about how fast it went.

What a crazy year.  So many sleepless nights, but so much laughter and amazement.  What have I learned?

  • Parenting is hard.  Not rocket scientist hard, but just tough going.  There will be huge highs, and huge lows.  There will be tears from both you and the baby, especially at the beginning.
  • Some days you have to go into what I call ‘Power-Through Mode’.  There are days when you may find yourself trying to go to the doctor at a busy hospital where there is simultaneously a fire cutting off a street, and no parking because of the exact hour and day you are trying to park, and you will decide to park in a no parking zone anyways, and burst into tears begging the parking ticket guy not to give you a ticket all the while your kid is screaming and you wish you could be anywhere else.  Go straight into Power-Through Mode.
  • Some days will be amazing!  The sun is shining and I am not in an office tower talking to annoying people on the phone and sorting through files!  My kid is the cutest!  This is the best!
  • And the biggest thing I learned?  No judging.  Ever.  Parenting is hard, and what works for someone may not working for you and vice versa.  RESPECT people!  This is hard, but I think very important.

And finally to my little boy Bastien, you are the light of our world with your nonsense talk, massive appetite, and love of eating books.

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    I think even non-parents need to remember that last bullet…

    Happy first birthday!

    • Shawna
    • March 25, 2013

    All so very true Michelle! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

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