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I haven’t been doing much actual cooking this past week, but I seem to be going crazy on the preserves.  It makes me feel productive while I am staying at home with the baby.  Plus, I feel like I’ve mastered the entire preserving process while being home solo.  I cook up the jam and jars while he is awake, and then when he’s down for his nap I fill the jars, and boil them up.  It works pretty well, and so far I’ve made Plum Jam, Melba Peach Jam, Blueberry Jam, Peach Butterscotch Jam (blogged about here), and Blueberry Maple Jam-Syrup.  The Blueberry Maple Jam-Syrup turned out more jam then syrup but is still great on pancakes and waffles.  You can find the recipe for the blueberry maple jam-syrup from the excellent preserving blog Well Preserved.

Many of these jars will be going as gifts.  To zuzz up the packaging a little I used printables, which I simply printed on stock paper.  Even with my crappy printer, they turned out pretty well.  Peach jam labels are from Black Eiffel, Blueberry Jam labels are from Eat Drink Chic, and the customized Blueberry Maple Jam labels are from The Jam Labelizer.

Other nice labels can be found here and here.

Next up, relishes, pickles and salsa!



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