Restaurant Hachoir – Fantastic Brunch in the Plateau

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Le Hachoir is a trendy restaurant with excellent service and interesting brunch choices in the heart of the Plateau.  


Restaurant Hachoir
4177 St-Denis (coin Rachel)


We chose Restaurant Hachoir just by chance, as our first choice Bistro Bienville (which I still haven’t gone to!) was closed on a Sunday afternoon.  We parked the car, and I used the handy Urbanspoon iPhone app to see what was close by.  Le Hachoir was across the street and seemed to fit the bill for a casual brunch.  Even though the restaurant was clearly pointed out on Google Map we still had to search for it as the only hint that the restaurant is there, is an ‘H’ about 2/3rds up the building.

Sorry for the bad photo.  You can just see an H on the corner of the building.

The restaurant is nicely designed with beautiful furniture and a fairly funky yellow light at the back.  I can imagine that at night it must be quite a nice atmosphere at night as the dark woods and lighting makes it feel very cosy.

The brunch menu is fairly small, but select.  There are three main large choices being the ‘savoury’ breakfast, ‘sweet’ breakfast and boeuf bourgignon with poached egg at $15 each.  There is also the breakfast hamburger ($9) with egg, lettuce, tomato and bacon and a few other choices.

Breakfast Boeuf Bourgignon

The portions were massive.  The savoury breakfast which my partner ordered was large and beautifully set out.  Every portion of the meal was well done from the salad to the sausage.  I went for the Boeuf Bourgignon which was fantastic.  The meat was falling apart with little onions, just a touch of cheese, bacon, a poached egg and sour cream.  It’s definitely not one for early in the morning, but at 1:00 with the temperature outside at  -19C it was perfect.

Savoury Breakfast

And lastly, the service was great.  Our waiter even warmed up and lightly foamed the milk when we asked for some to go with our tea.  Wow.

Decor: Very well done.  It’s in the details with amazing lights and beautiful chairs.
Service: Well above average
Price: Good.  $15 may seem a lot for breakfast but with the quality and quantity it’s well deserved.
Food: Excellent and interesting.
Good For: Anytime with anyone!

*Sorry about the photos – I forgot my camera and my iPhone had to do!

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    Been there a couple of times for dinner, and I love it. Still have to go for brunch. Good write-up.
    And the pics are pretty good with your iphone. I know how you feel when forgetting the camera.

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    Yum! I miss a good Montreal brunch! I hope you are settling in okay!

    Oh, and I have added you as a link on my studio, hope you will do the same, silly how I didn’t think of it before!

    take care! xx Minna

  3. Le Hachoir restaurant sounds familiar to me. I think I should take a look at the studio of Minna to see some photos I guess. Pub Fitouts Sydney

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