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Oh Space Invader – you are a sneaky one hidden away all over London and the world!
Little Space Invader tiles seem to pop up all over London and finding one produces an inner leap of joy for me.  However, they are mostly tiny and easy to miss.  Recently I’ve noticed they’ve been yanked off a few buildings – I wonder if they’re being auctioned off on Ebay.  According to his website, there are 101 in London.  Here’s ten that I managed to find in my picture files on my computer.  I know I’ve snapped more, but they are scattered across years and various files and I am just not that organized (believe it or not!)


It seems he hasn’t managed to hit Canada yet, but he has 113 in NYC.

There’s 704 in Paris!  They must be absolutely everywhere!

Again, a unique and interesting form of street art and not the disgusting tagging you see all around NDG (for example) in Montreal.  I haven’t been back in a while, but I seriously hope those graffiti artists take a hint from the global street art movement and start to do something interesting with their paint.









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