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Hello guys and gals,

This week had warm days and icy days, days where I got more sleep and days where I got less.  All in all, it was a pretty average week.

I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead for some relaxing family time.  We’ll be having fun in the snow (fingers crossed the forecast is right!) and exploring our little city.

I was telling my husband the other day that if I could/did rename my blog it would be ‘Tiny Thrills’.  Why?  Because life is full of tiny thrills now.  Nothing too much happens but there are little moments of joy everywhere.  My youngest son has started clapping after every song, my eldest has now gone both cross country skiing and downhill skiing multiple times, they both somewhat play together.  I give myself a little hug every time I get positive feedback on the blog, someone ‘likes’ my Facebook page or someone books me for a family photography session (OK that one is a BIG thrill).  Every time I see someone I know in the park or on the street I think how happy I am to have met so many fabulous people.

Big exotic long trips, huge adventures and major adrenaline rushes aren’t really in the works for me these days, but I am very happy with my tiny thrills.

xx Michelle

-I still have spots for photography sessions at a reduced rate

-loving everything in this store

-going to this NEXT WEEKEND

-discovering this website

-And loving this photographer

-these paper bag crafts are too cute

-watch out for the stay-at-home mom

-my restaurant list for 2016


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