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What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’re heading to our local Victoria Village Street fair.  They’ve really expanded it and this year there is entertainment for the kiddos, food trucks and a pop-up Farmer’s Market.  We are also excited to head to the pool if the weather is OK.  I took Alex this week and even when he fell face first in the water he didn’t seem to mind.  Yay!

And I’d just like to add a note that mothers are awesome.  I’ve already met so many new people this summer from the park, pool and just being out and about.  I love being able to head out with the boys, scan the crowd and see so many familiar and friendly faces.  All it takes is a small conversation starter – the age of a child, a ‘hey I recognize you from so and so – do you live in the area?’ or a ‘don’t worry – my son is also crazy too’ and instantly you have a bond and stories to tell.  Being able to relate stories, share ups and downs and just have someone else to talk to (even if it’s just about bananas or something mindless) makes such a difference.  So thank-you!

And to the man in the grocery store whom I ran away from in shock after you introduced me to your 15 month old and told me another was on the way in a month – congratulations!

Here’s to the summer!

Utterly Breathtaking Photography

Umm… yes please!  This looks yum (and I’m always down for ice cream).

I love seeing how things used to be – this place in Poland is pretty amazing.

I found this fascinating and a glimpse into what it’s really like writing a huge ‘mommy’ blog.

Would you go camping with littles?

These nursery art printables are free and gorgeous.  Now I just need to buy printer ink.

Have you ever been an intern?

What are you reading this summer?  Here’s a great list.

Adding this to the travel last (it’s just SO FAR from Montreal!)

ps For those in Quebec, all Quebec Canadian Tire stores will have someone on site this Saturday, June 13th from 10h – 16h to verify that all car seats are installed correctly.  You may be surprised – as many as 70% are installed incorrectly.

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