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Match My Child is a Quebec based clothing brand which offers original designs for moms or dads to match their baby with fun and adorable baby clothing.  I mean, c’mon.  Look at us.

Match My Child |

When owner Joanie Grégoire first contact me about the company I was a bit hesitant but when I saw the designs I agreed right away.  The clothing is nice enough that I wouldn’t necessarily wear it just to be super-matchy-adorable with my son and when I received the clothes I was so happy to see that they were really high quality.  Plus, all designs are created and printed right in Québec City.

Match My Child |

Match My Child |

Match My Child |

I asked Joanie more about Match My Child and herself.  Spoiler: This woman is one high-energy gal!

Match My Child |

Q&A with Joanie Grégoire, founder of Match My Child

Match My Child |

Tell me a bit about yourself.

For as long as I can remember, I have always considered myself a fashionista. My passion for anything related to clothing, accessories and makeup has been a lifelong obsession.

Match My Child |

I grew up in a little village near Québec City and was known for my unique style. If you speak to my mom, she’ll always mention a funny anecdote about when I was a teenager and always sleeping. My room was just above our living room and from it I could hear my parents talking. If my mom wanted to get me out of bed, she only had to mention the word shopping. I’d fly out of bed and be ready to go.

Match My Child |

Why did you start Match My Child?

When I was 32 weeks pregnant  I set out to find fashionable clothing for my future son. Matching clothing for my little baby and myself seemed like a cute idea but everything was so tacky. I decided to tackle this dilemma head on and started this project.

Match My Child |

What’s it like starting a business as a soon-to-be mom?  

Right now my life is really chaotic. I’m pregnant, I work full time for L’Oreal Canada as a project leader for all special events for the brand Matrix, and I am also doing renovations. We moved into a new house when I was only one month pregnant and are renovating it. All this, plus Match My Child which is my new business project. It’s chaotic but I love it. My friends would all tell you that I am high-energy and can’t live without ongoing projects.

Are there any big misconceptions about being an entrepreneur?

Until you run a successful business, you don’t realize how hard it is and much work it takes.

Match My Child |

What is your long-term vision for Match My Child.

I would love to design a full collection offering jeans, shoes, leather jackets, dresses and more. It would include all the basics we need for our wardrobe.

Match My Child |

I think that a lot of new moms have the desire to start out on their own.  Do you have any tips?

That’s tough, but I’d have to say that you need four things:

  1. A solid idea
  2. An entourage willing to help and contribute on a free or very affordable basis
  3. Energy
  4. Time

Personally, I would never have been able to start my business without my boyfriend, who is a true inspiration.  His name is Gabriel Rancourt and he is an established and successful entrepreneur and photographer here in Quebec City.  I also owe a true debt of gratitude to my sister in law, Valérie Beaupré, who is a talented illustrator who is full of originality.

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Thanks to Joanie for answering these questions and sending me and Alex the cute Mr. Bond t-shirts!

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