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Luvmother is a line of Canadian-made Montreal-based clothing for children that I fell in love with on sight.  The colours (blues, pinks, corals and whites) and cute patterns are gorgeous (I love that coral!) but basic enough that it will go with everything.

The line was inspired by the one of the owner’s twin daughters and the fact that he couldn’t find any quality merino products for his kids that weren’t sleepwear related.

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The current collection is made out of merino wool.  Amanda from luvmother explained to me that they chose merino because it’s natural, renewable and technical.  It’s also not itchy like traditional wools so no complaining from the kiddos.  I’m very much a wash and wear type of gal when it comes to kids clothes (don’t they make so much laundry!) so asked her about care.  I was relieved to hear that these items can be washed in the cool cycle and tumble dry on low.

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I think about merino wool clothing as a layering piece for active wear, but she assured me that these are great day to day pieces.  Merino fiber naturally regulates temperature forming a microclimate around your childs body and easily adapts to the body temperature in changing conditions.  Their lighter merino has a natural uv protection factor of 30+ and is extremely breathable.

Clothing is made in their Vancouver factory which means higher quality control, attention to detail and collaborations with suppliers (i.e. they know there aren’t kiddos making the clothing).  Wool is sourced from non-mulesed farms in New Zealand and Australia.

luvmother ( of my goals in life is to be more careful about where I spend my dollars and put it towards companies I truly believe in.  All luvmother products are made with a careful approach to do everything consciously and minimize compromise.  They also try to minimize their environmental footprint and offset all shipments with carbon credits.

luvmother ( see these pieces as being used year round and withstanding the test of time so I can hand them down and then pass them on for years of use.  Shouldn’t all clothing be able to do that?

 Their products online at Billie & Axel and in-store at PinkiBlue here in Montreal.  

Also check out their online store.  

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    Thanks Michelle! Hope to see a pic of your little one showing off his luvmother duds!

      • Michelle
      • February 26, 2015

      We will – we love it!

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    Those “pass it on” name tags are such a fun, cute idea! I love this!

      • Michelle
      • February 26, 2015

      Me too – adorable stuff!

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