New Glasses are my Nightmare

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So, I have glasses issues.  Let’s discuss.

First off, I have the tiniest head possible.  I swear, my 2 year olds hats fit me.  This means that right off the bat, 95% of all glasses (including sunglasses and hats!) are waaay to big on me.

Secondly, I have terrible eyesight.  I’m not just being dramatic here.. it’s -10.5.  For those who don’t know what that means, even though you might not even know me I just declared that I have the worst eyesight of anyone you have met.

This means that finding glasses is an absolute nightmare.  Not only do they never fit, they have to work with my hideous prescription.  Hence why I put it off for years.  Luckily, I can wear contacts during the day so most people actually never see me in my glasses.

Rachel Zane

But, I think glasses look so cool.  Look at Bobbi Brown (above), or Jenna Lyons, or Rachel Zane in her cool glasses.

Needless to say, I have put it off long enough and I know that when little baby boy comes along I’ll be sporting them more than I wish as I doze in and out of sleep.  So, people, I am on a mission to find a pair this week.  No more putting it off.

Any recommendations for pin heads with huge prescriptions?


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