Diana Vreeland & Skimpy Bikinis

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22_coverI’m terrible with scary movies, and sad movies – forget that (I’ll never be able to watch Schindler’s List or Slumdog Millionaire ever again – and forget about putting 12 Years a Slave on for me).  That’s why I tend to stick to safe bets that I know won’t leave me with nightmares or in a sobbing mess.

33_coverThe other night my husband was out, B was in bed and I thought – what the hell – I am going to rent a movie.  So, I watched Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has to Travel on my iPad in bed.

81+e1Nbsq4L._SL1500_OK, so the movie was good but her?  I have majorly mixed emotion.  She was certainly original.  She saw things far far before their time.

1946-bikini-clad-model-dovima-in-green-and-white-polka-dot-by-carolyn-schnurer-photo-by-toni-frissell-montego-bay-jamaica-harpers-bazaar-may-1947Look at this sexy, skimpy bikini she put in Harpers Bazaar in 1974!  Even for today it’s quite sultry, no?

74_coverAnd look at her insane living room.  She wanted her apartment to look like a garden – but a garden in hell.

def18246-6b89-11e3-8e33-00144feabdc0.imgIt still inspires today.  Look at Marc Jacobs behind the scenes at his autumn/winter 2013 show in sleepwear designed by Jake and Dinos Chapman but inspired by Diana’s living room.

70_coverBut the women herself.  First off, she looked rather mean and difficult.  She also seems to be rather focused on her work.  Her poor suffering kids (who now appear to be in their 60’s) remark that she never took notice of them. Honestly, I admire her from afar but if I really look close up at the women I get kind of annoyed.  Diana – you were supposed to be the whole package!  Original, bright, funny, an innovator and someone I could have been BFF’s with.

I asked myself if I would have been so critical of a single-minded workaholic who ignored their children if it was a man.  And yes, I would be.  Perhaps I am looking at things with a modern eye, but I just can’t feel a little bit of disappointment for people who are so self absorbed.

Am I too critical?  Was Diana a genius and I should look beyond her faults?






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