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After speaking to some friends I decided I wanted to do a little informal survey amongst Facebook friends on the cost of daycare around the world.  I will eventually compile all that data and publish it but first a few interesting things:

1. People are PASSIONATE about childcare.  I got an amazing response from people in all corners of the globe so thanks!

2. In Quebec, if you can get it at $7 a day we have it at the cheapest in the world (out of the countries I surveyed!) But, most people I know do NOT have $7 a day.

3. I figured that on average people pay about $35 a day in Quebec.  Depending on the government rebate you get (it runs between 26% (income of $150,355 and plus) to 75% (less than $33,740) from the gov’t) It’s still pretty affordable, but getting closer to average.

4. AND we pay for that $7 a day daycare with the highest ratio of kid:carer out of all the countries surveyed.  For 18 months – 4 years we are allowed 1:8 kids whereas in the rest of the world it is max 1:5.

Other interesting tidbits:

-Kids start school a lot older than 5 in many areas of the world.  In both Italy and Norway it appears to be around 6 years old.

-Daycare in Thailand has a half hour meditation every morning!

-Diapers are so expensive in Brazil that people often buy them in Miami and bring them in.

If you want to share with me childcare costs in your country I am looking for:

What type of care you are referring to (in a family home, at a daycare, nanny, etc.)

Cost per day or month.

Ratio of caregiver:child per age group.

Where you are located.  Please be specific – as in not just ‘Germany’ but small-town germany, or central frankfurt or whatever.


    • Yulia, Alex and baby Phil
    • March 13, 2014

    We asked our friends about a daycare in Russia.
    They pay about $70 per month in Kazan.
    $100 per month in Moscow or in private about $800-$2000 per month without any rebates.

      • Michelle
      • March 13, 2014

      Wow – that’s very cheap and a hug difference between public and private daycare! Thanks!

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