Yorkshire Puddings

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Y HeaderSince I’m on a bit of ‘you can do it’ kick I’d thought I’d talk about the tangled web of how my sister and her husband met in London one fateful day a few years ago.

It started with a move to Mexico where I met many new friends that I have kept to this day.  It is then followed by a move to London where one of these friends I met in Mexico introduced me to one of his friends from Montreal…  whom, I eventually married.  Are you following along so far?  We shall call this friend of a friend ‘my husband’.

My husband (who was just my boyfriend at the time) called up this British guy one day to see if he wanted to hang out in the park.  My husband had met him in Montreal at a New Year’s Eve party.  Why was this British guy in Montreal?  Well, one of my husband’s friends had met him when he had moved to Lyon, France where they were both attending a university exchange.


British guy, whom we shall now call brother-in-law, met my sister while she was visiting me.  They are now married with that sweet little boy Charlie.


Don’t worry.  My whole point is that a whole new world opens up to you if you are open to meeting new people and travelling to new places.  Hell, you don’t even have to travel to new places!  Just get out there and introduce yourself!  I know it’s tough but next time you are at a party strike up a conversation.  At the playground?  Talk to the parent next to you.  At a café typing on your laptop by your lonesome?  Chat to the guy doing the same at the table next to you.  It works.

I’m not saying you’ll be BFF’s but you never know where it may lead.

Which brings me back to this recipe.  Now, I have to admit I never made these while living in London but certainly had them while partaking in the British tradition of Sunday Roast.

Turns out they are dead easy.

Y MixGet your oven hot hot hot, mix up the ingredients, pour and cook.

Y cooked in tinMine seem to be a bit.. hole-y… but they tasted just fine.  I didn’t have a sunday roast to go along with them so I just ate them with butter.  Yum!  This recipe is from the cookbook Jamie’s Food Revolution which I bought when I was searching for simple, easy food.  I love you Ottolenghi but I may have to revisit your beautiful tomes when my child is a bit older.  I like the cookbook a lot and it’s already improved my roasts.  It’s pretty simple but if that’s what you are looking for it’s a nice bet.  Enjoy!

Y on plate

Yorkshire Puddings
Recipe type: Side
Cuisine: British
An easy recipe for yorkshire puddings.
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup all-purpouse flour
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • scant 1¼ cup milk
  • vegetable oil
  1. Mix all the ingredients together except the vegetable oil. Try to get out the lumps and try to let it rest for about 30 mins before using it.
  2. Turn your oven on to it's highest heat (mine is around 475F) and let it get very hot.
  3. Put a muffin pan onto a baking sheet and stick it in the oven to let it heat up.
  4. When oven has fully heated up pour in 1 tbsp vegetable oil into each hole. (make sure oven door is closed while you are doing this)
  5. Put the tins back in the oven and let them heat up another 5 minutes
  6. Bring it out again and quickly fill each hole with the batter (a spoon ladle works well). Batter should sizzle in oil. If it doesn't it's not hot enough.
  7. Let it cook for 15 minutes until fluffy and golden.


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    The hole is normal and they look great! I didn’t know you could use vegetable oil to make them. Good to know!
    My mom makes them often using bacon fat that she saves throughout the year from whenever she makes bacon. If you use a fat that can go to a higher temp even, like duck fat, they will poof even more ’cause you can really get the oil super hot before pouring in the batter. Plus, who wouldn’t want a yorkshire pudding made with duck fat 😉

  2. Reply

    P.S. Cute story about how you met your husband, and how your sister met hers. I’m in a bit of a rut… I should probably just introduce myself to people more 😉

      • Michelle
      • January 29, 2014

      Or move around the world…!

      I actually have duck fat sitting in my fridge that I collected a while back. Now I know what my next use will be!

      And thanks for letting me know that the holes were normal 🙂

    • Geri
    • January 30, 2014

    Yes, the airy hole texture of the yorkshire is normal. Great picture of the two of you!

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