Objects of Desire: Cornishware & Falcon Enamelware

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I’m a wee bit of an anglophile, having lived in London for a few years and as a big lover of all things British.  I always loved the look of traditional British kitchenware and especially Cornishware and Falcon Enamelware (although I am sure I am going to get some comment that enamelware is in fact German or something…)


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Cornishware was first produced by T.G. Green in the 1920’s and was so named because the distinctive blue reminded an employee of the sky and white-crested waves of Cornwall.  It certainly is pricey, so perhaps the whole collection is out of the picture (and frankly – that’s a bit too ‘matchy’ for my taste), but a few items at a rustic country chalet?  Yes, please.




As for the enamelware, I know there are several brands, but this Falcon Enamelware just takes the cake doesn’t it.  I don’t know why enamelware went so out of fashion – I suppose because it chips – but it is just so pretty.  Even if it does chip, you can still use it and it just gives it a more vintage appeal in my opinion.  Around since the 1920’s, I think it’s timeless, and gorgeous.

    • Canadian
    • September 29, 2013

    So where can one buy Cornishware in Montreal?

      • Michelle
      • September 29, 2013

      I don’t think it’s sold anywhere in Montreal but would be happy for someone to prove me wrong. I’m lucky to have family in England, so could have it hand delivered if I ever felt I needed to add it to my collection. You might want to check online too.

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