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Blackstrap BBQ
4436 Rue Wellington
Verdun, QC
H4G 1W5
(514) 507-6772

After much online hype, my husband, baby and I piled in the car and headed down to Verdun to check out Blackstrap BBQ.  We got lost along the way, and there was some stress about bringing a stroller but we made it and boy were we happy we did.

Blackstrap BBQ was opened by the people behind the Griffintown Café.  They took to the road and did a tour of the Southern USA testing and tasting BBQ  before opening their new local in Verdun.   If you want to read more of their story, check it out here (in French).  When we asked why Verdun, they said they liked the area and felt it was up and coming.

The restaurant is basically a take out joint with some places to eat along the wall, and two picnic benches near the front.  You order at the till, and your name is called out to pick up the food.  We went at an off time to be sure to nab a sit down spot because of our stroller, and our food came out quickly.

We went with Le Gros which is basically a sampler of everything under the sun including 1/2 portion ribs, 1/2 chicken, brisket, pork, macaroni & cheese balls, greens, baked beans, fries and coleslaw.  See the unfortunately fuzzy picture above…  I debated about also getting the Burnt Ends Poutine which is supposed to be amazing, but we couldn’t even finish Le Gros so I am glad we didn’t in the end.

The food was absolutely delicious.  It is cooked in a smoker, so don’t expect BBQ sauce although it is offered on the side.  Our favourites were the ribs, chicken and greens.  Even though I am not generally a fan of chicken, this one was amazing.  It was very very moist, and flavourful.

The joint was popular and I think they will do well.  They have already won the Quebec BBQ championships and one of the owners is now off to a competition in the USA.  I wish him very well, but I’m not sure he needs my luck!  The food speaks for itself!

One thing I will mention is that if you follow Blackstrap BBQ on Twitter you will see that they often run out of food in the evenings.  I would strongly suggest that if you have something specific you want to eat, go early to avoid disappointment.

Decor: It’s nice, but it is essentially a take out joint so you won’t be lingering for too long.
Service:  As mentioned, we went on an off time so we had very quick service.
Price: I believe Le Gros was $36.99.  For all that meat, it was well priced.  Their menu is on their website, but some examples of prices include a pork sandwich for $6.99, Ribs, coleslaw and side for $14.99.
Food: Excellent and different.  Thank-you for not opening up another bistro.
Good For: Casual quick dining.  Especially if you go at a busy time expect that you may be sitting on a stool.
Baby Friendly: Yes, but only if you go at an off time.  There are only two picnic tables, and the rest are high stools which is not so convenient with a stroller.  During the summer, it would make great picnic food though!

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