Memory Lane via Food

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Ladies selling insects to snack on in Phnom Penh

Sometimes a certain song will bring me screaming back to a specific time and place in my life.  Moby reminds me of my semester of university in Bangkok.  I can listen to Kid A by Radiohead and I am immediately back sitting on top of a boat cruising down the Tonle Sap river in Cambodia.  Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap?  Junior High on the Prairies….

Food can do the same thing for me.  The other day I went to the Danish Bazaar here in NDG and had that peculiar no sugar added whipped cream icing that the Danes are so fond of eating.  I was immediately an exchange student again living in Denmark and speaking Danish.  Papaya salad?  Bangkok.  Perogies? Back on the prairies. I imagine if I made myself a sticky toffee pudding I’d be back in London.  Even eating mangos reminds me of Mexico where they were cheap and plentiful.

Do you have any food memories that bring you to a certain time and place in your life?

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