Cayman – An Island with Great Affordable Restaurants!

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Cayman is a fantastic, small Caribbean Island located just below Cuba.  It has a reputation for being very expensive, and it can be, but with a little local knowledge I discovered that it has some fantastic restaurants that are very affordable.  In fact, we chose to go to Cayman because we have friends living on island and we knew they would be able to point us in the right direction.  Local knowledge can be everything, especially when you are visiting somewhere that has the potential to break the bank!

Here are some of our top picks:
Located off Seven Mile Beach behind the Falls Shopping mall complex across from the Westin and just west of the Ritz (the largest hotel on Island – you can’t miss it!).  Go behind the strip mall to the Sunshine Suites condos and keep walking.  When you see the pool it’s just next to it.  This was by far our favourite restaurant on island and was very affordable considering the quality of food.  The menu is Caribbean in flavour and our favourites were the fish tacos, beef quesadillas and the Sunshine Snapper Sandwich (all at CDN 14).  Really, don’t miss it.  And as a bonus they give you a mini ice cream cone with all sorts of original flavours, our faves were the pumpkin and chocolate/banana/peanut combo.
Calico Jacks
Located on Seven Mile Beach if you feel like having some seaside drinks.  The best food on the menu is the quesadilla’s and the wraps (which aren’t actually on the menu – you have to ask :).  A very chilled relaxed atmosphere that’s got a great vibe.  This is on the beach quite a bit west a bit before cemetery beach.  Take the mini-bus or walk.
Yes, I am recommending a sushi joint!  A cool atmosphere you wouldn’t expect on island, and some great affordable sushi.  Our friends strongly recommended it and we were a bit hesitant but glad we went.  This is located in the same complex as Eats (a diner), and Legends which is basically an expat bar.  We went there to watch the hockey game and felt as if we were back in Canada.  I didn’t try Eats but it looked cute and was recommended too.
A more upmarket choice, this one is located on West Bay road as well (the road running perpendicular to Seven Mile Beach) and was a fantastic treat for dinner one night.  We had exceptional cuisine in a nice open air atmosphere.
Other recommendations:
Singh’s Roti Shop – a local shop with fresh good local fare catering to the local Caymanians as well as expat office workers.  This is a bright green restaurant on the way to the airport and has the nicest staff in the world.
Camana Bay Complex – a new complex that kind of reminded me of a Caribbean version of Canary Wharf.  We had some wine in a local wine bar there and the restaurants are supposed to be excellent.  We had private transportation, and it’s a bit out of the way so I am not sure how easy it would be to get there though.  I’d definitely recommend shopping there over shopping downtown.
Tukka – An Australian/Carribean restaurant on the East End of the Island (car required!).  Beautiful views looking out onto the ocean, and some different menu options (crocodile/conch hamburger anyone?)

Roland’s Garden – An authentic beer garden located in what used to be the butterfly preserve!  A casual and affordable night out that is a little bit different and unexpected to say the least.  I have to say, I don’t really know how to get there except to say it’s walking distance from Camana Bay and Aquabeach 🙂  Their website says they are at 52 Lawrence Blvd.  I’d ask around for directions.  Definitely worth it one night for something different and some pretty good German food to boot served by Roland and his son Julien.

Other restaurants which were recommended:
Papermans Cafe at the Strand
Gino’s Pizza
Royal Palms
If you want to watch hockey:
Longhorn (outdoor)
Legends (air con)
Outdoor beach eating on Seven Mile Beach:
Royal Palms
Calico Jacks
Tiki Beach
Night out:
Aquabeach (classic!)
Karma is supposed to be good too
And finally, we ate an Italian restaurant that had great pizza’s, but I just can’t remember the name!
Caymanians – and I know there are some of you reading this – did I miss anything?
A massive thanks to my friend for hosting me THREE times!
And finally – how could I forget the Tortuga Rum Cakes?  Best packaged cake ever!
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    This blog post just reminded me of my days spent at the Cayman Island, 2 years back. And it’s true that the Cayman restaurants there are superb. Not only their dishes, but the atmosphere in those restaurants was fascinating too. The Caribbean people are the liveliest lot in the whole wide world.

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