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Le Cartet is a beautifully designed restaurant known for it’s brunch menu on the weekend.  Located in Old Montreal, Le Cartet offers a fair amount of choice and once you get in the door the service is very good.


Le Cartet
106 McGill St
Montreal, QC
H2Y 2E5
(514) 871-8887
Le Cartet is a a beautiful restaurant located in Old Montreal.  If you go on the weekend, Old Montreal is fairly quiet but the restaurant itself is absolutely bustling.  With a no reservation policy for brunch on the weekend (reservations are available during the week) the wait to actually get a table can be long.  For three of us we waited 25 minutes.  They handily have all sorts of gourmet products to take a look at while you wait including their own brand confitures.  Or you can just take random photos like me….



The grocery area has a selection of goods to take away and eat (which I have to admit I didn’t look at too closely) and coffee to go.
The main portion of the  brunch menu comprises of 5 choices which includes fresh orange juice, coffee, bread and fruit.  There are other options if you did not want to go for one of the full on brunch menus.
I actually think that $15 is not that bad considering the quantity of food received.  We ordered the brunch Santé (healthy), Cantons (very meat based) and Cartet.  The portions were very large and none of us could finish everything.  I thought it was all very good and the ingredients appeared to be of excellent quality.
The wait was very long, and this is why I have not given Le Cartet an excellent.  I am sure restaurant owners have their reasons, and there seems to be no shortage of people willing to wait in line for a table, but I detest waiting in line.  This is the reason why I would hesitate to go back.  Weekends are precious, and if I am busy the last thing I want to do is jostle in line with 15 other people squashed into a corner.
Decor: Excellent – white, bright and airy
Price: Expensive but really – you get quite a bit of food
Service: Excellent considering how hectic the place was.  The host was fantastic and always had a smile.
Food: Great – large portions and good choice
Good For: Brunch with a friend when you have time to wait.  More than 4 people and you’d probably be in line for closer to 45 minutes which for me no matter how great the place is, is too long.
I’m going to cop out a bit here and link to the review on Montreal Brunch and Breakfast for those who want a bit more info.  It’s spot on.

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