Cupcakes vs Macaroons

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Poster from Westwillow on Etsy
Of course I had to get one for the kitchen!

Are macaroons the new cupcake?  Cupcakes literally exploded onto the scene a few years ago.  Some say it was because of that scene in Sex and the City where they eat cupcakes from the Marigold Bakery, but I think it was a trend waiting to happen.  They are very cute and visually appealling.  Plus they are easy to eat, and feel just that little bit nostalgic.  However, it is very tough to get a good store bought cupcake.  They are usually dried out and I find the amount of icing used to be verging on disgusting most of the time.  Luckily, it’s very easy and simple to make them at home and I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite recipes shortly.

Macaroons at Yauatcha

Macaroons share many of the same characteristics as cupcakes.  They are visually appealling, colourful, and easy to eat.  However, they have one key leg up on cupcakes – the dryness factor is not an issue and the quality tends to be much higher.  For this reason, I would prefer a box of bought macaroons to a box of bought cupcakes.  I’ve never made macaroons before but they are on my list to try.  Although it looks finicky and delicate, I think one winter day I may be up to the challenge.
I’ve only had macaroons from a few places, so can’t offer a personal run down.  However Delicious Magazine has a list of where to buy macaroons in London here,  and I can vouch for both the Yauatcha and Paul macaroons.  I don’t yet know any places personally in Montreal that sell macaroons, but I am looking forward to discovering them!
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