He’s 5!

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When my son was born, I remember saying to my husband ‘can you imagine some day he will be 5?’


I’m not going to lie and pretend these last five years were full of bliss and confetti.  There were great moments and there were not so great moments.  There were amazing times and there were days/weeks/months that seemed to last for-ever.  Seriously, people say the first year flies by and I suppose it does but in some ways that first year feels like a century.


But now that my little peanut is five I can’t believe how much has changed and how all of a sudden he’s become older.  It honestly makes me tear up a little.  SO MUCH goes on during those first five years – birth, teeth, first birthday’s, first foods, walking, crawling, running, exploring, drawing, first days away from mom at daycare, sleeping through the night, not sleeping through the night, meeting friends, getting hurt, feeling sad, feeling happy, dance parties, snuggles, reading together, welcoming siblings, trying new things.  It’s really really really hard to take it all in when you are living it.

But looking back, man what a ride.


Congratulations little boy.  We love you so much.  You’ve become such an amazing being with your creativity, your energy and your love for your family.

I can’t wait for the next five years together!

ps. I made this cake (not using the mocha) using this Darth Vader technique and stencil and it was a HIT!

Michelle is also a family photographer.  Check out her work here.

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